Hispanic man sitting on a woven chic boho chair covering his face with a blue linen sustainable journal and a table that has a cup of coffee and more manifestation journals.

Attract anything you want with the grounded practice journal.

Begin your personal growth and manifestation journey with daily actionable and accessible prompts to help you become a magnet for your dreams and desires.

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Good for people, good for the plantet.

grounded practice is a sustainable journal, printed on responsible harvested and recyclable paper and sewn bound in recyclable linen fabric.

Take a look inside.

This sleek journal is divided into two sections, morning and evening with prompts designed to inspire you to be more intentional with how you navigate through the day.

Manifestation Journal with daily prompts for morning and evening. Personal growth journal with prompts to help you manifest. Journal prompts that include intention setting, affirmations, quotes and a gratitude list.

Journal Prompts

Every day, you will have the opportunity to ground yourself in your daily journaling practice with prompts that will invite you to:

ꕀ reconnect with yourself

ꕀ reframe your mindset

ꕀ reaffirm your manifestations

ꕀ release what is holding you back

ꕀ reflect on what you are grateful for

ꕀ recommit to your visualization practice

Wait, there's more...

At the end of each week there is a cute gift waiting for you!

journal entry, take pictures of all the things that bring you joy.

Weekly Gifts

These gifts are intentionally curated to encourage you to try something new and raise your vibration go give your manifestations more momentum. Have fun with these!

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